National Crafts

Kona Brewing Company

  • Big Wave

    Lighter bodied golden ale with a tropical hop aroma and flavor

  • Castaway IPA

    Bold, citrusy hops with a touch of tropical mango and passion fruit balanced with caramel malts

  • Da Grind Buzz Stout

    Da Grind Buzz Kona Coffee Stout is an Imperial Stout style of beer that is strong in flavor and alcohol with a deep black color, pronounced roasted malt character and dark roasted Kona Coffee flavor and aroma.

  • Fire Rock Pale Ale

    Crisp refreshing "Hawaiian-style" pale ale with a pronounced citrus-floral hop aroma

  • Lavaman

    A malty, red ale with strong caramel notes and a subtle chocolate malt flavor.

  • Lemongrass Luau

    Lemongrass Luau is a crisp. Refreshing blonde ale brewed with a touch of wheat malt, ginger, and fresh lemongrass.

  • Longboard

    A smooth refreshing lager with a delicate, slightly spicy hop aroma

  • Hanalei IPA

    With passion fruit, orange and guava, this IPA has an assertive bitterness and exquisite flavor, while maintaining a light body and drinkability.

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