National Crafts

SweetWater Family

  • SweetWater 420

    West Coast style pale ale with strong hop flavor and a crisp finish

  • SweetWater Goin' Coastal

    Golden copper in color, a full malt bill brings balance to this quaffable summer loving Catch and Release Seasonal.

  • SweetWater Hash Session IPA

    This IPA is great for cooling out on the dock, jamming tunes, and waiting for the rod to bend.

  • Sweetwater Hop Hash Double IPA

    The pure hop lupulin, aka “hash” (the resiny stuff), meshes seamlessly with the 2-row, pilsner and wheat malts, allowing it to deliver a pungent punch to the palate.

  • SweetWater IPA

    Unfiltered IPA loaded with hop character

  • SweetWater Motor Boat

    An award-winning dry hopped ESB

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