National Crafts

Victory Family

  • DirtWolf

    Double IPA with a voracious collection of hops

  • Golden Monkey

    Abundant herbal and fruity notes with exotic spices from the East

  • Hop Devil IPA

    Bold, spicy and delicious blend of American hops

  • Hop Ranch IPA

    Powerful brew featuring full, juicy hop character with notes of mango, pineapple and pleasantly sharp tart citrus fruit

  • Prima Pils

    With a heap of whole flower European hops and fine German malts, Victory Brewing achieved the bracing herbal bite and smooth malt flavor they sought out for.

  • Sour Monkey

    An electrifying transformation of the famed Golden Monkey.

  • Storm King Imperial Stout

    Dense and full-bodied stout with deep dark chocolate flavors of roasted malts under a massive hop aroma

  • Summer Love

    There are plenty of reasons to love summer, and here is one great one! German hops and pale malt blend beautifully to create this refreshing taste of summer.

  • V Twelve

    Amber ale featuring hints of pair and apricot that ends in refreshing dryness

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