Local Crafts (FL)

Coppertail Brewery

  • Florida Farmhouse

    Coppertail Brewing's origonal farmhouse ale.

  • Free Dive

    With this beer expect huge hits of citrus and pine aromas layered over a bright malt backbone. This beer is perfect for a day on the water.

  • Independent

    German style Pilsner with an assertive hop character.

  • Night Swim

    Rich and roasty with a hint of chocolate.

  • Oktoberfest

    Marzen-style lager. Clean and malty.

  • Purple Drank

    Boysenberry Floridaweisse

  • Unholy

    Coppertail's take on the Belgium Trippel features fruity/funky notes from the traditional Belgian yeast paired with a sacrilegious American hop character.

  • Wheat Stroke

    An easy drinking attitude and a touch of citrus peel make this wheat ale a beer of choice on a hot and humid day.

  • Whoops

    Florida weisse with cranberry and hibiscus.

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