Local Crafts (FL)

Motorworks Brewing

  • Indy IPA

    This American IPA is filtered and bittered with high alpha hops from the Pacific Northwest. It is Motorwork's most hop forward IPA to date , while still maintaining balance.

  • Pit Crew Porter

    Brewed with generous amounts of dark caramel and chocolate malts this porter is medium bodied with chocolate and coffee notes in the aroma and taste.

  • Rollcage Red

    Starting with a strong, yet balanced, malt and hop profile on the nose Motorworks Rollcage Red Ale creates wonderful citrus and herbal hop notes with a drying finish.

  • V Twin Lager

    Bright Copper in color with a creamy head. Light toasted munich malt aroma with a moderate, but firm, hop bitterness to balance out the rich Vienna malt taste. Slightly creamy mouthfeel that dries in the finish.

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